तमिलनाडु में कोरोना का कहर, आज रिकॉर्ड 20 हजार से ज्यादा नये केस; एमके स्टालिन ने लिया जायजा

Corona virus is the highest in Tamil Nadu at 20,952 on Monday and 122 menstrual periods went by themselves. The total number of joint ventures with the health department in the state has risen to 12,28,064, increasing the number of Marnes schools to 14,468. </ P>

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Meanwhile, the staff of Dumuk Head MM, Chief Secretary Rajiv Ranjan and Health Secretary J at your residence. Employees were instructed to take exceptional measures of the virus and meet the composite requirements. Becomes the staff house. </ P>

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According to an observation, the proposed Kovid-1 ridge, which is directed by the President of the Tvachuk President, will be available in other districts in the form of Administrative RemediSavir Chennai. He has also given directions for the progress of giants, Xi Xijan facilities, divisions etc. </ P>

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According to the health bulletin a number of people are infection free and the territory is on Monday. In 18,016 people are OK, with the number of people getting infected increasing to 10,90,338. 1 lakh 23 markets 258 Mizors are running in the regions. </ P>

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According to the bulletin, Chennai has the highest number of 6,150 cases. The combined number here is now 3 lakh 52 billion 260. 1 lakh 41 billion 21 tests have been conducted in the state today. Now check 2 March 30 Lakh 97 Markets 963 Kovid-19. </ P>

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