पंजाब के मुख्यमंत्री कैप्टन अमरिंदर सिंह ने केंद्र से टीकों का कोटा बढ़ाने की मांग की

Chandigarh :: </ strong> Amarinder Singh Nehalwad, who lives in Punjab amidst the anti-Kovid TK cum Bhandar, is demanding the removal of the required TK for the state. He said Tekney’s film 50 U.N. There are also much lower prices. </ P>

Concentrated island

Told Amarinder on an island, & ldquo; There are 40 million people every day during the center’s 6-week period from May 1 to May 15. Union Health Minister Harshvardhan G has directed that cases of growth of Kovid-1K in the state can be reviewed at the time of mid-term surgery, which is a livelihood development for Punjab. & Rdquo; </ p>

The Punjab government has criticized people in the age group of 11-18 years. The Serum Institute of India has ordered for 3 million people. </ P>

Coronavirus infection and development in Punjab

Recently, Punjab’s ski & zwj; Vaas & zwj; Th & zwj; Yantra B.A. Siviswo said that Raj & zwj; Yi covid positivity rate and mortality & zwj; Or increasing. Now the transition to a rural situation begins. Leave Corona Sweetline Works, recognized by people over 18 & zwj; Sinning not happening & quot & zwj; They are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours, we are ours; > Yes also read. </ P>

<એ href =" ann-1910112"> Today C.M. The martyrdom of the post has become a matter of concern, Sourav Ganguly has been invited by the people.

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