17,501 New Corona Cases In West Bengal, 98 Died

Kolkata: In West Bengal, 17,501 new cases of corona virus infection were reported on Monday, bringing the total number of co-operatives in the state to 8,80,894. In a single day, 3,990 new cases have been reported in Kolkata.

A total of 7,49,296 people are OK in the state after recovering from 15,937 Marines in the last 24 hours, according to the latest bulletin from the Department of Health.

Death of 98 miners

Meanwhile, the number of softwoods in Bengal has risen to 11,637 during the same period with the death of Kovid-98. Bulletin visit, 1,19,961 Marys subdivided across the state. 55,287 samples were studied in the last 24 hours in Bangalore, with a total of 1,06,00,346 samples examined.

You say, corona infections have caused havoc in the country. Shyam, meanwhile elections in West Bengal at the same time. Demonstrated Chennai rallies here. Ashka is saying yes, the state is now likely to get infected after the election. The condition, which is increasing rapidly, is worrisome.

Yes also read.

Mathu Ra: After entering the mosque, the chaotic elements caused a commotion, clashed with the Imam and parroted the loudspeaker strings.

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