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Air India Pilots Demand Vaccine, Threaten Strike

The Air India pilots said that Kovid had also taken strict action against them and they had to defend themselves.

New Delhi: Air India pilots have threatened that if a Pan-India vaccination camp is not organized for them. In a letter to the management today, they questioned why they were excluded from the vaccination camp for the 18-45 age group organized by the management.

Vaccination camps on a few seats were reserved for desk job seekers and most employees who prefer to work from home, they said.

Accusing the top management of ridiculing him for “performing the duties of pilots in a dangerous environment”, the pilots said they had gone “up and down” during the epidemic “risking lives and limbs to ensure the well-being of citizens”.

The pilots said they felt they were “descending from a self-serving approach” to management that offered only “massive discriminatory pay cuts” in return for their services

Air India has been operating flights since the lockdown was partially lifted last year, bringing in Indian nationals stranded abroad during the epidemic. They have set up PPEs in far-flung corners of the country. The supply of medicine and hospital equipment, including kits and other items, was also cut.

The pilots said the disease has taken a toll on them as well.

“Many crews have been diagnosed with covid positivity and are struggling to get oxygen cylinders. We have to defend ourselves to be admitted to the hospital,” the letter said.

“Now that flying crews have no healthcare support, no insurance and widespread opportunistic pay cuts, we are not in a position to risk the lives of our pilots without vaccinations,” the pilots said.

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