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Guwahati: Despite the loss of votes, AICC General Secretary in charge of Assam, Jitendra Singh, Thanked the people of Assam for restoring faith in INC’s ideology and helping the party emerge as a strong opposition. Mahajot Getting 50 seats in the 126-member House.
In terms of vote-share, he said the gap between the two alliances is not too big. Although Congress The coalition lost the second consecutive assembly election, Singh said, adding that his position in the Congress assembly had improved. “In terms of seats, the number of Congress seats has increased by three seats (from ૨ from હવે in 2016 to હવે 29 now.) We lost seven seats by less than 5,000,000 votes. BPF “The Left parties are our valued allies and we will continue to fight for the welfare of the people,” Singh told a press conference here on Monday.
The Grand Old Party will soon analyze the election results with a view to doing better in future elections. But the party in-charge observed that the Assam National Council (AJP) and the RJD also helped the BJP strengthen its position. Upper Assam, Which was on the verge of anti-CAA protests.
“The AJP and RJD forces need to find out how some soldiers helped the forces they were trying to oppose,” Singh added, blaming both new regional parties for spoiling the prospects of Congress at least in the 10th. Seats. If not for them, the party could get 64 seats.
Congratulating the incumbent Chief Minister Sarvanand Sonowal for the victory, Singh hoped that the BJP would fulfill its election-oriented promises – “hence the promise of job and employment opportunities.”
“We also hope that the government’s financial assistance schemes will continue. We sincerely hope that the BJP government will continue to provide financial assistance to tea garden workers after the elections,” he added, urging the government to increase their wages so that they can live a dignified life. Can.
If Congress had guaranteed the people that if it had raised the daily wage for tea garden workers to Rs. But the tea garden voters showed their faith in the saffron alliance, rather than appreciating the welfare measures in the first term.
The party promised that it would positively assist the government in overcoming the Koro crisis. “Many Assamese living outside the state are suffering from the epidemic and many are suffering and they need immediate help. The government of Assam should have a database of people living in different states outside Assam who are infected with the virus and” from here they can Extend all assistance, “read the congressional statement.


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