All 240 on AI flight to Rome isolated | India News

New Delhi: 240 people were on board in the morning Air IndiaLast Wednesday Delhi-Amritsar-Rome flight (AI 1123) departed from there after 23 Passengers And two crew members – the captain operating the aircraft and a cabin crew member – testing the covid positive on arrival. Italian authorities placed 230 passengers, eight cabin crew and two pilots in a paid quarantine at the hotel for 10 days.
Sources say Indian authorities have been trying in vain to provide them with food and other pilots and seven cabin crew members, who are not positive to return home, have also been allowed to fly.
AI eventually had to fly two Boeing 7 787 Dreamliner pilots and cabin crew member from Delhi Frankfurt, And from there Rome. They flew B787 without passengers returning to Delhi on Sunday.
One person on the flight to Rome said: “Everyone was sent to the hotel in an ambulance for quarantine. The rooms and toilets are not very clean, ”the man said.


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