Army Base Hospital in Delhi Cantonment sounds alarm over oxygen shortage | India News

New Delhi: The Army has sounded the alarm over the Delhi government’s reduction in daily oxygen quota for its base hospital in the Delhi Cantonment, stressing that its reserves could be depleted if the shortage is not addressed in time.
The Army has taken up the urgent need to allocate additional oxygen supply to the Base Hospital with the Ministry of Defense and state authorities, as it manages even larger cylinders from nearby locations.
“The base hospital, which has been converted into a 50- to 40-bed covid facility, needs 4.4 metric tonnes of oxygen per day in the form of cylinders. The Delhi government has so far been allocating only 1 metric tonne. It increased it to 0.42 MT from Monday night, “a senior Army official said on Tuesday.
“There is no reason for immediate panic as there is currently an adequate supply of oxygen. But the situation could get serious as the allocation is not enough to meet the requirements and the reserves will eventually be met, ”he added.
Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia wrote a letter to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday calling for the army’s help in setting up a covid facility with 10,000 oxygenated non-ICU beds and 1,000 ICU beds.
The military is struggling to provide additional oxygen for the base hospital, which serves and retains retired personnel as well as their dependents, while a sharp drop in its daily quota has stunned military officials.
As 1.5 million strong armed forces face major upheavals in the number of Kovid patients, military hospitals across the country have been overstretched. “Military hospitals also cater to civilians wherever possible. A large number of military doctors, nurses and paramedics have also been deployed in other civilian covid facilities.

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