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Australia sees negligible chance of jail for India travel restriction offenders | World News

Sydney: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morris said on Tuesday (May) that passengers who were harassed by Kovid would face a maximum fine and a fine of તો 5,000 for breaking border rules as they face pressure to overturn. .

CO Australia last week banned all Indian passengers, including its own nationals, from entering the country until May 15 due to a spike in COVID-19 cases there, warning that the perpetrators would be prosecuted and fined.

“I don’t think these penalties are appropriate in their most extreme forms, but they are likely to be placed somewhere, but this is one way to make sure we can stop the virus from coming back,” Morrison told local broadcaster Channel Nine.

Morrison said the rules would be used “responsibly and proportionately” but had to be put in place to ease the pressure on the country’s quarantine system, which has seen a 1,500,000 increase in Covid-1 cases from India since March.

Australia The temporary sanctions introduced by Australia, one of the most difficult biosecurity laws in the world, were excluded by legislators, foreigners and the Indian Diaspora.

The Australian Australian Human Rights Commission said it would approach the government directly with its concerns.

Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater, who works in India as a commentator for the Indian Premier League, has blamed the Australian Australian government for banning him from traveling.

Slater said in a tweet, “Blood on your hands PM you dare with us like this. How do you support the quarantine system,” Slater said in a tweet. Morris called Slater’s comments “absurd.”

Australia Australia relies on hotel quarantine, receiving about 5,800 passengers per week from abroad, who are separated for two weeks at the hotel at their own expense.

States are urging the federal government to set up designated quarantine centers to allow more return flights.

Morrison said the country’s return flights from India could resume as planned by May 15, as the government plans to more than double the capacity of the quarantine facility in the country’s northern regions by the middle of this month.

Hospitals and cemeteries are overflowing amid a devastating second wave in India, with more than 300,000 new cases reported on Monday (May 12th) straight away, and medical oxygen supplies are running out soon.

The border closure has helped Australia keep its Covid-19 numbers relatively low, with only 29,800 cases and 910 deaths.

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