Bengaluru positivity rate hits 55%, active cases cross 3L mark | India News

Relatives and doctors of Kovid patients who did not get oxygen in a hospital in Bengaluru made frank calls.

BENGALURU: The situation of Kovid-19 in the city is getting worse day by day. Every other Bengali passing the Covid-19 test is getting positive: the city’s positivity rate touched an overall level of 55% on Monday. After one day the rate improved to 33%. The active cases violated the three lakh mark.
As on Tuesday, 20,870 covid-positive cases were reported in the city and Karnataka has a total of 44,632 fresh infections with 132 deaths and the highest of 292 deaths.
Two deaths were reported Tuesday in small hospitals following a lack of oxygen. Major hospitals are clinging to critically ill patients due to lack of beds. Covid-19 vaccinations have dropped to less than 10k per day.
An average of 20,000 positive cases come up every day in Bengaluru at a time when the authorities consciously decided to reduce 1 lakh tests per day to 40,000 / 60000.
Although political and bureaucratic circles are trying to create a narrative around the double-mutant virus and how aggressive it has become in recent weeks, the reality is that the ICU bed and the search for oxygen are on prey covid-positive individuals and their families.
“There is definitely no time for anyone to get a covid in Bengaluru,” said the brother of the 44-year-old, who died at his residence three days ago after failing to get an ICU bed.
Health department sources said the helpline receives about 4,500 calls a day and 1,500-1,700 of them have hospitalization-related questions. About 500-550 calls are related to the ICU bed and the ICU ventilator.
In fact, the unavailability of hospital beds for the common man took a political turn on Tuesday when BJP MP from Bengaluru South Tejaswi Surya and three BJP MLAs alleged that there was a bed-blocking scam and could have saved more Kovid-19 patients. BBMP was more efficient and capable.


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