BMC Reaches 1 Lakh Vaccine Dose Of Corona

The second wave of corona in the country is Kohram fish. The daily intake of oxygen kills people due to the low amount of food in the communication. Dark, drugs and vaccines have also become less common in the country.

The Central Government and the State Government do all kinds of registrations to deal with this. Dark doses of 1 lakh vaccines have reached Brahmamukti Municipal Corporation last night. The carrier of information obtained from BMC is Y vaccine to be used by people above 45 years of age.

Help from 40 countries in India

Reportedly, the central government and the state government are looking for each other’s help. India has many countries to help the country. You are annoyed, as far as you know India gets help from 40 countries. Experience the eligibility of any country to help India reaches any oxygen cylinder in any country. This is easily overseen by everyone to help India.

Enter the 15 Main Ankets Recorded Todd

You know, a lot of people in the country next to Corona take her in their arms. Dark, a number of people are aware of this epidemic. The second wave of the actual wave of the corona has become more of a phenomenon. Shyam, Corona Kahar Param Dikshaga in May of a survey. According to the survey, enter the Ankets record crack by 15 May. The government has taken every possible consideration to deal with this backbone corona.

The lockout is not the weekend lockdown, the speedy vaccination process, the Sakit Kovid guidelines, the appeal from the public, the government is dealing with this epidemic. In the Saturn country the corona pebbles reach beyond 2 nights.

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