COVID19 Fifth Consignment Carrying 545 Oxygen Concentrators Arrives From US

New Delhi: The country has its content in every country in the world after the crisis of Korona. Today Medical Cipla is arriving in the country from Kuwait, UAE UK, USA. U.S. Business content from Panchvin has reached India. 54 545 X-ray Concentrator Contains other medical materials. Foreign Cabinet prayer Arindam Bagchi said that the U.S. Departure of the Auxiliary Border from.

The second time the U.S. The last two fleets of medical supplies from are the situation in India. This is the American Secretary of Defense. The Pentagon leader said the flight was India’s progress by Wednesday.

Get help from foreigners
Apart from this, medical supplies have also reached India from Kuwait, UAE and UK today. From Kuwait, I Flatty 282 XC oxygen cylinders, 60 X oxygen concentrators, ventilators and hospital medical supplies have reached India. Foreign Minister Arindam Bagchin has thanked Kuwait.

An Indian Air Force flight from Britain arrived at Chennai airport in Tamil Nadu this morning with a 500-person X-cylinder. Checking the data, the capacity of all cylinders is 46.6 liters. Arindam Bagchi travels to the UK every hour. He wrote on the island, “India needs help from the UAE. It helps.

Noted, after 3,57,229 new cases of Kovid in the last 24 hours in India, the total number of positive cases has gone up to No. 2 lakh 82 Uzun 833. The total number of deaths after 3449 new deaths is 2,22,408. The total number of active cases in the country is 2,22,408 and the total number of discharged cases is 1,66,13,292.

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