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New Delhi: This Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has been moved forward with the construction of the proposed new Prime Minister’s House, enclosing an executive enclave and SPG Building on the South Block side in the Central Vista area by December 2022.
The CPWD has proposed to complete the Vice President’s enclave near the North Block in May 2022. Nevertheless, the entire Central Vista redevelopment project should proceed from the Ministry of Environment’s Expert Evaluation Committee (EAC), which includes the new one. Lok Sabha Building, 10 Buildings As part of the General Central Secretariat (CCS) and a large conference center, valued at Rs 13,450 crore, it started late last month, the minutes of the meeting were announced on Monday. After approval, CPWD held a tender floor for the first three CCS buildings.
The revised timeline has been questioned by a section of opinion who wants the project to be postponed as the country is battling the Koro epidemic. “It simply came to our notice then. There is no money for oxygen and vaccines as our brothers and sisters die in the parking lot waiting in the hospital bed for the funeral. Also Modes His megalom mani nike will spend public money to feed the vanity. Stop this crime, ”he tweeted CPM Leader Sitaram Yechury.

Officials, however, pointed out that there was no connection between the project and the country’s war against the epidemic. The Prime Minister has been involved in consultations every day and dozens of decisions have been taken to enhance medical facilities. In times of economic stress, the hardship faced by contractors, hundreds of professionals and the laborers involved in the project by the shelter does not seem to be a useful suggestion.
The CPWD had set timelines when the application for green clearance was moved three-four months ago, an official said. When the 2022 deadline has been set PM House And VP. House, projects will take more time to complete.
Sources said work on the PM House, SPG building could start only when the slums on Dalhousie Road would be shifted to new buildings on Africa Avenue and KG Road. Both the buildings are not ready yet.
Second, PM House and SPG buildings must remain fully high-tech for security and strategic reasons.
However, the Center will float a “secret tender” for the PM House and hand over work on nominations instead of inviting open tenders for strategic reasons, sources said, adding that these projects would take more time to complete.
PM House and V.P. The House will also dedicate a single-lane tunnel connecting Parliament, which TAII reported on March 4, and this too will take time.
The last component of the project will be the management of the underground automated mover, which will connect all the buildings of the Joint Central Secretariat.
The government originally set a deadline of 2024 to complete the redevelopment of the Central Vista project. But now the deadline will be changed to December 2026.

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