Delhi Police Grants 86 Vials Of Seized Remdesivir To Hospitals For Treatment Of Corona Patients

New Delhi: While working at Delhi Cop Covid-19 Marizon, Remedisivir demonstrates the potential of more than 80 vials, other patients and medical equipment. Cope name in the national capital on Monday in a variety of images, a combination of medical devices.

86 Ramdasivir by the directors of the press

Based on the release statement of the copy, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, BSA Hospital, Dipchand Bandhu, Hospital, Kailash Hospital, CDMO, Chhatrapati Ke Terapinth, Rohini Kovid Care Center and DDMA are among the other incidents mentioned on Diwali.

Dipchand Bandhu Hospital’s mill Favipiravir’s medicine

On the orders of Delhi Tiffits of North Delhi, Dipchand Bandhu Hospital’s Favipiravir’s 90 Glots d. Cop Next Key RemediSavir and the process of continuing 100 disciples is underway. According to the statement, 70 cylinders of DDMA (West), CDMO Terapanth Ansari Hospital, World Brain Center Hospital, Arya Hospital and Bhagatchandra Hospital Oxygen have been turned on. According to the statement, the process of Xi Xigen 140 and cylinders is underway.

Parliamentary Tons of 2 students in the country

India’s corona virus ranks second on the United Nations list. Where in case of corona infection arising out of Rs 2 points have passed. India’s total compounding has now reached the second બે 200,000 mark. Probably now there have been a combined death of two million dollars 21 crores across the country. More than 65 lakh 62 billion people did the film duration later. It is currently home to more than 34.53 billion people.

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