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Donald Trump launches his own communications platform to counter ban from social media platforms | World News

Washington – Former US President Donald Trump, who banned social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, unveiled a new “communications platform” on Tuesday (May 4th).

“Donald J from Trump’s desk,” is the name of the platform that is a sub-subdivision of former presidents of the current website.

Trump spokesman Jason Miller said on Twitter that the new website is “a great tool for finding his latest statements and highlights of his first term in office,” but added: “This is not a new social media platform. We have additional information coming in very close. On that front in the future. ”

“Directly from Donald J. Trump’s desk,” in a 30-second video posted on the site, which includes references to his ban on social media.

The website includes written statements issued since Trump resigned on January 20. The platform features a camera that Trump can use to make video statements.

Following the ban on social media platforms, including Facebook, the former president launched the communication platform on the eve of Facebook’s decision to allow him to return to the social networking site.

First report by Fox News, the communication platform Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies. Capitol went into office more than four months after it banned Trump’s tweets and posts about the January 6 general election that sparked the uprising.

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