Foreign aid sent to 38 outfits in 31 states and UTs so far | India News

New Delhi: About 24 lakh pieces of Covid-19 relief materials received by the Center from foreign countries have been distributed to about 24 different categories of items in 38 institutions in various states and Union Territories.
Distribution in the states is based on the standard operating operating procedure determined by the Ministry of Health. This is being allocated to the states with case load and where the need for devices like bypass machines, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, PSA oxygen plants, pulse oximeters, flavipevir, remedesivir, PPE and masks is increasing.
Allocations are also made with a view to proper distribution and emphasis on third health care facilities. In the first few days, states were covered by AIIMS and other central institutions where the burden of critically ill patients is high and the need is greatest. In addition, central government hospitals, including DRDO facilities in Delhi and the NCR region, were also supplemented by the assistance, the government statement said, detailing the entire operation of distribution of relief materials to the states and union territories.

The distribution strategy aims to improve transparency. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the nodal agency for offers of assistance to foreign countries and for coordination with foreign missions. MEA has issued its own standard operating operating procedures that apply across the board. The aid process needs to be speeded up as some of them are perishable and need to be stored and the government has said that the process of tailing, packaging opening and retrieval of items is sometimes done in a quarter of a day.
In addition the CEO, Policy Commission and Secretary Expenditure, M.E.A. And a high-level committee comprising officials from the Policy Commission and the Ministry of Health has also been formed to oversee the entire operation. State-run logistics firm Concor is being used to move relief materials across the states.
The policy commission has also set up a control room and a digital dashboard to monitor the distribution of relief items from the private sector, associations, industries and other companies. It oversees the process up to the final beneficiary and is managed by officials from government think tanks.
After a sharp and sudden surge in covid cases in the country, medical items began to be donated to various countries and replaced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A cell has been set up in the ministry to coordinate the procurement and distribution of foreign covid relief materials. The unit has been in operation since April 26, and has two MEA Additional Secretary level officials, Chief Commissioner Customs, Economic Adviser to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, H.L. Technical Representatives, two Joint Secretaries of the Ministry of Health and representatives of the Indian Red Cross Society.

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