‘Giving Congress just 25 seats upped DMK vote share’ | India News

CHENNAI: who had frozen to the ground in the fiercely contested Assembly elections Tamil Nadu, Data show DMK He won 133 seats and a majority of 36.9% of the popular vote. The party has the second lowest number of votes in three assembly elections since 1996.
The lowest was 26.5% in 2006, which gave the party seats and a ‘minority government’ tag, while its highest was in 1996, when it got .19.1% – a wave against the current AIADMK elections Election.
The second Dravidian chief, AIADMK, polled .80..8% popular votes in 2011 to retain power for a second term after coming to power with 38.4% votes. AIADMK’s lowest year was in 2001 when it secured a majority of its own (132 seats) with 31.4% of the total votes cast.

In 2021, DMK’s vote share has improved by 5% compared to 32% in 2019 Lok Sabha Election. In 2016, the DMK’s vote share was about 311%, “said a polling strategist. The increase is due to the party’s move to ban seats allotted to allies Congress In the 2001 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress’ vote share fell by 15.5 per cent. By winning elections from 173 seats, the DMK succeeded in transferring a portion of the Congress suffrage to itself.
In the case of AIADMK, the party improved its vote share to 34.2% in 2021, from 18% in the 2019 LS elections. Although this is almost%% less than what was achieved in 2016, the party improved its price by 2021 votes per share. PMK Which was limited to only 23 seats. In this way, AIADMK managed to transfer 2% of PMK’s vote share to its kitty, the strategist said. “No one can compare an apple with an orange,” says DMK spokesperson Manuraj Shanmugsundaram.
In 2001, the AIADMK contested all the 444 seats, including its smaller allies, which fought on its symbol, while the DMK contested only 173 seats in 2021. Fighting for a certain number of seats and isolating the rest of the allies is a political strategy of the party. Since the DMK has got a majority, it has the right to form a government, ”said Manuraj.
Both the DMK and the AIADMK have experienced heat in the past when they showed big heart in the distribution of seats to allies. In 2006, the DMK was liberal in giving seats to the Congress, the PMK and the Communists. As a result, she was left with only 1 seat and won 96 seats. After enduring the ‘minority government’ tag line, the party vowed never to take part in the mass distribution of seats.
“Fortunately, all of the DMK got 10% extra votes and the alliance benefited. In 2001, the AIADMK also gave 94 seats to its allies, including the Congress, TMC (M), PMK and the Communists, and could contest from only 1 seat, political analyst Ravindran Duraismi said.

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