Hollow Body Hold

How to do the Hollow Body Hold

  1. Lie flat on your back and pull the abdominal button to the floor. The arms and legs can be kept straight forward with pointing hands and toes.
  2. Slowly lift the shoulders and thighs. Arms and head can be lifted with shoulders. The lower back must be in touch with the floor.
  3. The aim is to find the lowest place you can keep your arms and legs, without hitting the floor, and without breaking lower back contact (the stage where the lower back starts to arch from the ground).
  • Hold the abs close at all stages.
  • Position: Rounded back, hidden beneath. The limbs are spread close to the ears, and the toes point slightly to the body. The lower back should still be against the concrete.



  • Increased ab and core muscle strength.
  • Aids to simple gymnastics movements (such as handstand or help hold)


  • Keep the hollow body for 3 uninterrupted minutes.

Mastering the body is a crucial gymnastics position. Hollow body keeping is an exercise that can be quickly done everywhere and is an excellent means of developing core power.

Developing core body strength is an important aspect of gymnastics preparation and a basic prerequisite if you want to advance in rings, high bars, parallel bars, pommel horses, or other disciplines that need you to support elevated legs through preparation.

Beginning the Hollow Body Hold

Start with arms and legs raised higher from the floor (1-2 feet) and build strength steadily until they can be raised lower without losing shape.

Advanced Hollow Body Hold

When holding the basic position for three minutes, think advancing by-

  • Progress to hollow rocks.
  • Grow 3 prolonged rock body minutes.

If you have achieved the objectives above, you should have a solid core body that will help you well in developing movements such as handstands, help holds, or l-sits.

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