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New Delhi: Talk about Trinamool CongressIntensive preparations against BJP in West Bengal, Poll Manager Pacific Teenager Commented to tell about CongressThe inability of the BJP to fight, saying that no party can stand for a fortnight before the polls and thinks it can win.
Considering the congressional leadership, Barb is a party taker as insiders are calling for defeat in the five-state election, as there is still another wake-up call and it could be too late. Leaders say there is an urgent need for leadership to put competent and credible people in key organizational positions and bring internal consistency to disintegrated ranks. “Planning for the post AICC “The president won’t be enough,” is to stay away.

The BJP’s defeat in West Bengal has caused a lot of controversy in the Congress as it ignores it. G.O.P.Own frustrating show. Youth party spokesman Ragini’s protagonist “If we (Congress) continue to find our happiness in defeat,” he said Modes, How do we introspect on our defeat?
What is worrying in the Congress is that the party is again withdrawing from the probe into the defeats in Kerala and Assam as it may point the finger at leaders in key positions in the organization. The Opposition Coalition is being cited as evidence that it has received more votes than the ruling BJP alliance in Assam, arguing that there is a need to intensify the voting strategy, arguing that introspection is not to blame but to improve internal skills.
“Upgrading jaded systems requires honest stock. Competent people need to think about the need and it should be started immediately after the 2019 defeat, a leader said, adding that members could soon demand a comprehensive organizational reshuffle.

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