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London: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar He will hold his first talks with G7 leaders in London on Tuesday evening, when he will join the foreign ministers of some of the world’s leading democracies to agree on decisive action on crucial global issues such as threats to democracy.
In the first major personal diplomatic meeting since the start of the Coronavirus epidemic and the first meeting of G7 foreign ministers, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb will lead a discussion on suppressing geopolitical issues that threaten democracy, liberties and human rights.
These include relations with Russia, China and Iran, as well as the crisis in Myanmar, the violence in Ethiopia and the ongoing war in Syria.
At the end of a one-day long session at the Lan Lancaster House in London involving the Foreign Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US, the UK and the G7 countries at the Lancaster House in London. European Union (EU) – Guest Presidents India, Australia Australia, Republic of Korea and South Africa and President of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) The meeting of Foreign Ministers will join the discussion at the Working Dinner for the first time as these places to focus Indo-Pacific Field.
“The G7 presidency of the UK is an opportunity to bring together open, democratic societies and show unity at a time when there is a great need to face shared challenges and growing threats,” he said.
He said, “Australia reflects the growing importance of the India Pacific region for the G7 as President of Asia, in addition to our friends from Australia, India, the Republic of Korea and South Africa.”
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Fees (FCDO) The UK, as the host nation, will use the Working Dinner to outline Britain’s vision for developing strong trade ties for cooperation between the G-7 and Indo-Pacific countries, ensuring stability and tackling climate change.
Arriving in London on Monday, Jaishankar is about 50 kilometers from London at Chevening in Kent for a bilateral meeting with Rabb on Thursday. The G7 foreign and development ministers’ discussion during the day on Tuesday will cover the uprising in Myanmar, as attendees watched a video Government of National Unity Which will update them on the ground conditions. Rabb G7 wants to urge the nations to take strong action against the military.
These include extending targeted sanctions against individuals and entities affiliated with the Genta; Support for arms embargoes and increased humanitarian assistance to the country’s most vulnerable people.
Discussions will then turn to the situation in Libya and the ongoing war in Syria.
The afternoon session will cover the situation in Ethiopia as well as Somalia, Sahel and the Western Balkans.
The foreign ministers will also discuss Russia’s ongoing “malicious activity”, including the formation of troops on the border with Ukraine and the jailing of its anti-statistics. Alexei’s novel And the situation in Belarus.


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