Karate Girl Destruction Run Apk Download

This game is so fast-paced that it has a slow-motion mode to let you see what you’re doing! Meet Karate Girl, who is seeking vengeance for the theft of her father’s Humpterdink blade. Drive her frantically through the crook’s mansion, destroying as many valuables as possible to get Czar Memphris to return the sword to you.

NameKarate Girl Destruction Run Apk
App ByPhilipp Lenssen
Size2.9 MB

Extend your period by clearing a space completely, and aim to beat your previous high score. Since the rooms in this Jump ‘n’ Destroy game are endlessly created, no two runs can ever be the same!

Features of Karate Girl Destruction Run Apk

  • Endlessly Generated Random Levels For Infinite Fun!
  • Tactical & Action Skills Required!
  • Ideal For Quick Plays Whenever You Feel Like It!
  • Easy Two-button Control: Left Thumb Throws 1 Bomb Per Room, Right Thumb Jumps!
  • Discover The Special Underwater And Tunnel Scenes!
  • Grow Your Reaction Skills And Laugh At The Mayhem You’re Causing!
  • Beat Your Best $$$ Destruction Score!
  • Put On Different Clothes For Karate Girl!
  • Hand-drawn Pixel Art!
  • Meet Ninja Dog!

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