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What is Koikatsu Party Apk 2022 Download

Koikatsu Party Apk is a game that mimics illusion. In this game, which is presented in 3D anime visual style, character customization is extensive. From player avatars to female NPCs, each character in the game can be personalized. In this game players can enter a fictional Japanese high school.

You have the option to use a pre-made male hero or create your own. There are pre-made story characters for the conversation as female NPCs can be assigned to any series. Players can upload and download character models from the Internet.

Players can customize the personality of each female NPC before the game starts. The main conspiracy revolves around the formation of high school clubs to help other NPCs with their personal problems. There are a variety of role-playing game stories or situations, but the main story is about creating high school clubs to help other NPCs with their problems.

The player can start a relationship with any female NPC. Until they get close they can talk and participate in social events. Like other life simulation games, the right solution will improve the state of their relationship.

Women NPCs, on the other hand, have fewer opportunities to interact with players. As a result, women’s leadership is critical to the success of any organization. Players should study and participate in extracurricular activities to improve their numbers. Visual novel characters can be interacted with.

Female NPCs can draw on the personalities and emotions of certain people. The Koikatsu Party handles all conversations, club meetings and dates. Because each day is divided into three parts: morning, club and after school, you should carefully plan your time in the game.

What is Koikatsu Party Apk and how does it work?

Koikatsu Party is an Android game created by Koikatsu. Do You Dream About Your Dream Bride But Hate What It Looks Like In Your Mind? Finally, turn on the brightness, because the personality you always wanted is now a reality! Translating characters into your own love anime is one of the best ways to develop a deceptive course – a character-building structure that combines beautiful anime-esque tones.

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Shape, shape, position, shape and size all repeat. Does Feng need to have an ear for a mythical person? Easy! Is it possible to have only one eye color? A piece of cake, please! You have the potential to give the environment a personality that anyone can imagine! Take a look at our wide range of hairstyles.

You can also choose from a range of hairstyles and customize each one individually for total personalization!


Players can customize 3D anime characters in the game Koikatsu Party Apk. Both male and female NPCs can change their incarnations. Players can take a virtual tour of the fictional Japanese high school. Players can choose from a variety of pre-made male heroes or create their own.

Available to interact with female NPCs of any class, as well as pre-made story characters.

Players can use the Internet to upload and download character models. Players can change the personality of any female NPC before the game starts. Although role-playing games can be played in a variety of ways, the primary plot revolves around the formation of high school clubs to help NPCs solve their problems.

NPCs that are completely female are available for players to learn. Through engagement and social activities, players can get to know each other better. As a result of well-matched life simulations, their position in the game improves.


  • There are about 300 different settings to choose from.
  • There are numerous options for facial customization.
  • Shape your whole body
  • There are 30 different personality archetypes.
Apk name Download Koikatsu Party Apk 2022
Version 8.2.0
Size 8GB
Developer H-Game Company
Categories Game
Model Yes
Requires Android 5.5 and above

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