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Largest Humanitarian Relief Effort In Our History

Pfizer is shipping 70 70 million worth of drugs from its distribution to India.

New Delhi: Global Pharma Major Pfizer is shipping US ૦ 1 million (over Rs. 1,010 crore) of drugs from its distribution centers in the US, Europe and Asia, known as part of India’s Covid-1 treatment treatment protocol, the company’s chairman and CEO Albert Borla said Monday.

“We are deeply concerned about the serious COVID-19 situation in India, and our heart goes out to you, your loved ones and all the people of India,” he said in an email to Pfizer India employees. Link post.

“We are committed to being a partner in India’s fight against this disease and are rapidly working to organize the largest humanitarian relief effort in our company’s history,” Mr. Borla said.

Right now, Pfizer’s partners are working hard on distribution centers in the US, Europe and Asia, working fast on Pfizer’s drug ship, which the Government of India has identified as part of its Covid-1 treatment treatment protocol.

“We are donating these drugs to ensure that every COVID-19 patient in every public hospital across the country can get the required Pfizer drugs for free.”

These drugs, valued at more than ૦ 100 million, will be made available immediately, and “we will work with the government and our NGO partners to reach where they are most needed.”

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