Maharashtra MoS Raghunath Kuchik Writes A Letter To Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Over Differential Pricing Of Vaccine

Mumbai: Dr. Senior Emotions of Rain. Kuchik of the temple, receiving the post of Minister of State, has written an international message in the prices of Kovid Tickers of the Central Health Center Harshshravan. Critics of Ringnath Kuchik have said that the pharma company is not necessarily acting on your benefits.

The letter said, “We can determine the price of India’s covid vaccine. The Vatican company is an agency with countries around the world.

According to Raghunath Kuchik Patra Patrika, the Serum Institute has offered South Africa at Rs. 9 per vaccine dose, US. 160 .

What is the price of India?
Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) Price of your Covid-19TK ‘Covishield’ for State Governments at Rs. The first company was formed on a daily basis at Rs 400d. The price goes down after the company pays attention to the global level. According to reports, the Serum Institute Covishield is likely to have a central government rate of about 150 per capita.

The Serum Institute of India is creating an alternative to Xiaxford-Strageneca. Covishield takes place every month for 600 private journalists’ accounts. At present, the country has twice the Covina vaccine Covishield and Covixin availability from Bharat Biotech.

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