Media Reports Alleging That Centre Not Placed Any Fresh Order For COVID19 Vaccines Are Incorrect

New Delhi: Some recent media reports have reported that the central government is not issuing orders for new purchases of navid tickers. According to these reports, two alternative manufacturing companies at the Center placed full orders in March 2021. Under this, 10 night teachers of Serum Institute India of India and 2 hours teachers of Bharat Biotech were supplied. The government has not responded, it is not based on the same statistics of media reports being completely flawed.

In a press release issued by the Center, he clarified, “The Serum Institute of India has released Rs. 1,732.50 crore on 28 April 2021 in the form of 100 field arrivals of 11 captured soldiers of Covishield vaccine in May, June and July this year.” The company received the same day in Russia on April 28, 2021. Suppliers of 10 raptors of Covishield vaccine have been supplied. As of May 3, 2021, the company has received 8,774 views. It therefore indicates that the new orders of the Government of India are not ongoing, are entirely flawed. ‘

Millions of states 16:54 rain game
The Ministry of Health said that till May 2, 2021, the Government of India has an alternative 16.54 tourist accommodation available in the States / UTs. There are still more than 78 lakh travels available in the State / UTs for public criticism. In addition to the State / UTs in three days, the population of over 56 lakh and get.

The State Government said that every month the Government of India continues to purchase its share of 50 fields of Swedish teachers from the Central Medical Utilization (Central Drugs Law Laboratory) and the State Governments have already made such a provision available.

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