Miamos Fitting

Miamos Fit

Alpha acc/ What’s the perfect way to hold ore? I asked around and players said I should have it tanked and cloaked and extender modules but I still don’t have the pace. Now I’ve tanked it a little bit, I’m searching for pace if it’s possible I want a Company, but with a commercial ship’s cargo ability. Some modules I can search for

2 inertial mods and 2 warp core stabs in lows, shield-resistant mods, and an MWD in the mids, maybe a tractor in the tops if you’re jet-explorer. That’s all you need, cargo extenders don’t do anything as they don’t apply to the ore bay, just the normal one and its small one to begin with, and an alpha can’t cloak anyway.

Basically what he meant. The mwd could be 50mn because it depends on rigs-if you’re going from belt to station, hyperspatial rigs save you time. If you’re passing through gates more, it’s time to assess the chance of being ganked against quicker warping. If you want more protection, go to shield hp rigs.

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