Odisha Lockdown Comes Into Effect Will Remain In Force Till May 19

Bhubaneswar: A 14-day lockdown has been imposed from today to prevent a second wave of Corona epidemics. Odisha’s new Tympanic government has set up a 14-day lockdown government. The rapid onset of corona infection in Subes is caused by the new government’s move. In an introductory order on behalf of Chief Secretary SC Abhadra, he said that all other services should be available except KV Kadand.

An official order from the government side said that people are allowed to have weddings in 500 square dirhams in their houses between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m. On weekends when there are some defense services the same people are out of the house. Lockdown and weekend curfew will not apply to any election related work. As such, the voices of employees from a plethora of organizations continue to be heard at the People’s Meeting, with the May 16 by-election scheduled to take place in People’s. The order said that the Lokdaka ministerial member controls the voice of the common people and there are no restrictions on drivers who do not know the content.

At this time all cinema halls, malls, market complexes, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, saloons, waiters, parks, bars, theater halls, assembly halls, Mira Bazaar all remained closed in Odisha. Control over all social, state, sports, cultured, religious and other gatherings. Newspaper buttons are allowed between 5 and 8 p.m.

In Odisha, Kovid’s Appet 5 lakh came
The number of cultures on Tuesday is 4,79,752 after detection of corona virus infection in 8,216 people in Odisha. White, 15 from the injection and 2,088 from the people Dum Toun increased the number of mrkat. In the new cases, 68.6868 cases have been identified by the people who come in contact with the investigation departments-VS centers and 32.323232૨ circumstantial information.

Khurda district in the capital Bhubaneswar has the highest number of 1271 new cases. He then moved to Sundar Nagar (6 636), Cuttack (7 447) and Puri (203). There are some cases.

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