People’s lives at stake; govt may be blind, not court: Delhi high court to Centre | India News

New Delhi: People’s lives are in danger and the government may be blind but not the court, a central government law official said on Tuesday, adding that treatment for Kovid should not be emotional about the lack of oxygen in the national capital. 19 patients.
A bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli observed that “the whole nation is crying for oxygen today”, not only in Delhi but also in other states.
During the hearing, Additional Solicitor General Chetan Sharma, representing the Center, said he would file a compliance report on the Supreme Court’s April0 order and would not enter into whether Delhi would supply metric metric tonnes (MT) of oxygen daily. Or meet the demand for deficits.
Sharma said the last 433 MT of oxygen had reached Delhi at midnight last night and reached 3,007 metric tonnes this morning and he expected enough oxygen to be available by evening.
Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra, appearing for the Delhi government, said the Center was to provide 90 TT of oxygen to Delhi and people were dying from the supply of 2,020 metric tonnes.
“Let’s not go into rhetoric about what we people are raping,” Sharma countered.
This annoyed the bench, which said, “It’s just rhetoric and not fact? Sorry Mr. Sharma, we don’t appreciate this. This is unfortunate.”
When Sharma said let’s not get emotional, the bench said, “It’s an emotional thing when people die. People’s lives are at stake. You can be blind, we are not. How can you be so sensitive. ”
Discussing the issue of making full use of the existing fleet tankers, the bench said, “What you are planning and getting is in the future. It’s a week or two, we don’t know. Today the whole nation is crying out for oxygen, not only in Delhi but also in other states, ”he said, adding that more experts and IIM brains have been suggested to join the empowerment group.
During the hearing, the court was told by Amicus Curia and senior advocate Raj Shekhar Rao that if oxygen was stored here, there would be less pressure on supply and the Center would consider shifting from Maharashtra where existing demand is less.
The bench asked the Center to consider the matter and inform the court, saying, “If the demand in Maharashtra is low and consumption is reduced, some oxygen may be temporarily diverted to Delhi to make reserves.”
Sharma said the government would look into the matter and he could come to Delhi not only in Maharashtra but also in other places where demand for oxygen has declined.
He also said that efforts were being made to increase oxygen supply in Delhi and more tankers were being sent here.

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