Rahul Gandhi Demanded From The Central Government To Impose A Complete Lockdown In The Country

Corona virus continues to plague the country. There were lockdowns in several states during Corona’s growing transition. Meanwhile, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is demanding a complete lockdown across the country. He tortured, “It was now a very strong defense against the growing corona infection and it was a complete lockdown. When Rahul Gandhi came close to the island the total number of corona composites in the country passed 2.

To Rahul Gandhi on the island, “There is no such thing as a complete lockdown to deal with the Corona of this time and the government needs to pay attention to this.” He further wrote, “People who get the full benefit of the schemes of some people in the society go to the fullest extent, saving people’s life time.” The creation of Corona virus infection even before Rahul Gandhi suggests your advice to the Central Government.

Rahul Gandhi once said that Corona was infected due to lockdown at that time, but it is not a complete cure. However, this of course has to appeal to the whole ladda bracelet to move forward on its own.

Corona cases growing steadily in the country

There is a rapid increase in the daily cases of corona in India. Beat arrives in the country in 24 hours with 357,229 new coronized and 3449 breeders. However 3,20,289 people are fine with corona. 368,060 new arrivals in the country on the first Sunday. Around the world on December 40, it enters India every day. Shyam, Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka are among the states that have lockdown institutes to stop the growing corona infection.

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