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Seven US Firms Drop H-1B Lawsuit Against US Federal Agency US Citizenship and Immigration Services

H-1B is the most popular foreign work visa for Indian tech professionals.

Washington Washington: A group of American businessmen visited the U.S. on Monday after the federal agency agreed to accept and decide on previous decisions on foreign work visas. Has announced the dismissal of the H-1B lawsuit against Citizenship and Immigration Services.

In March, the American Immigration Council, on behalf of seven industries, claimed that H-1B applications filed by USCIS after October 1 were arbitrarily rejected because the desired employment start date for H-1B workers came after October 1. .

The lawsuit alleges that based on this timeline, the USCIS made an absurd choice: foreign workers were required to start on October 1 (and not a day later) or the U.S. The employer has to incorrectly submit the date of commencement of employment through “back dating”.

Senior U.S. Attorney (Business Immigration) Leslie Dalen said, “Business immigration is prohibited in the U.S. because of an arbitrary denial. Has arrived. ” Immigration Council.

Filed in federal district court for the district of Massachusetts, the lawsuit called for the USCIS to refuse to accept H-1B petitions filed in a timely and appropriate manner, subject to the annual legal cap on H-1B visa numbers. Year, said a media release.

“We dismissed the lawsuit because USCIS immediately corrected its error. All of our client’s requests have now been accepted by USCIS. It is unfortunate that legal action was required. “But we thank USCIS for doing the right thing,” Mintz said. Members and plaintiffs Douglas Hower and Lure Rance are co-consultants for the show.

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