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What is Swr current app download

Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and world news.

Weather describes the temperature, humidity, calmness, storminess, clarity and cloudiness of the atmosphere. Most weather occurs in the Earth’s troposphere, below the stratosphere. Weather is daily temperature, rainfall and other atmospheric conditions; Climate is a long-term average. [4] “Weather” means Earth’s weather when unsuitable.

About Swr current application

Air pressure, temperature and humidity The difference is driven by weather. Latitude affects the angle of the sun at any location. The temperature difference between the polar and subtropical air forms the Hadley cell, Farrell cell, polar cell, and jet stream. Extratropical cyclones are caused by the instability of the jet stream. Because the Earth’s axis is tilted, sunlight hits it at different angles throughout the year. On an annual basis, the Earth’s surface temperature ranges between 40 and 104 degrees Celsius. Changes in Earth’s orbit affect the amount and distribution of solar energy affecting long-term climate and global climate change.

Pressure is affected by surface temperature. Higher elevations are cooler than lower elevations because most of the atmospheric heating is due to contact with the Earth’s surface. Weather forecasting uses science and technology to predict the climate of a future location. Small changes in one part of the Earth’s climate system can have large effects on the whole. Humans have always tried to control the weather, and agriculture and industry have changed weather patterns.

Studying the weather of other planets has helped us understand Earth. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a 300-year-old anticyclonic storm. Only the planets experience weather. The loss of a star’s corona to space creates a thin atmosphere throughout the Solar System. The solar wind is the mass ejected from the Sun.

You can select all Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz regions to get local information.

The SWR Aktuell app at a glance:

• Select the two regions Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate to learn more about.
• All the latest news from politics, business, sports and society in one place • Customizable push notifications • Local weather • Traffic reports • SWR Aktuell audio livestream 24/7 SWR’s latest TV shows

News is clear and concise so you are always well informed. To dig deeper, have background and related topics. Multimedia content includes audio and video.

Choose from breaking news, regional news, background reports, analysis and research – all with a home screen push.

Do you want tomorrow’s weather? In the app, you will find local forecasts and traffic alerts.

Do you want SWR Aktuell on the radio or the latest TV news? So easy through the menu below.

The application is constantly updated. Send feedback to

What is new:

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge
  • Virus and malware free
  • Latest and old versions are available

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