The Best Microchip Cat Flaps

Best Microchip Cat Flap

How does a microchip cat flap work?

For pet owners who have their cats microchipped (and if you don’t, please look into it!), microchip pet flaps are configured to your particular cat (or cats), enabling them to enter your house or depart anytime they like.

Many microchip cat flaps provide a variety of choices so you can define when your cats are permitted out and about.

These cat flaps are compatible with most microchipped cats.

It’s worth researching and cat flap model closely to make sure it’s actually consistent with your cat’s microchip. Few versions only support new microchips, but several support all microchips.

Automated cat flaps can keep your neighbour’s pets out!

One of the biggest disadvantages of manual cat flaps is having other pets in your household. At best, this may be an annoyance, or at worst may inflict your own cat’s trauma or discomfort if the pet is violent.

You will guarantee that only your cats are permitted in your house by utilizing a microchip cat flap, so you won’t come home to find uninvited visitors. If, of course, your cat gives you a “present,” but sadly we have no answer!

RFID collar tags are sold separately.

If you don’t get your cat microchipped (and again, please rethink since there are loads of advantages from doing so), you can buy an RFID tag that matches your cat’s neck. Know these are brand-specific, so these tags won’t fit on all cat flaps.

Try to figure out which maker to use.


List of Best Microchip Cat Flaps Compared

1. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is one of the most common variants on the market. It’s easy and inexpensive to do whatever your microchip cat flap wants.

This is a simple model, powered by 4 x AA batteries and can be mounted in nearly any door, wall or window (although tunnel extensions can be needed for thicker walls and can be purchased separately). The batteries last up to a year, but there’s very little to do to sustain the machine.

It’s one of the most inexpensive ones on the market, since it doesn’t come with more sophisticated features including timer or smartphone functions, but it has a 4-way manual locking mechanism that helps you to change when your cat will use it. This cat flap gives permission for up to 32 pets, enabling every cat to quit your usage, but only your cats to join.

As for every new thing in your home, your cats can take some time to get used to it, but most cats can quickly get to grips with how to exit and enter by the cat flap.


2. Cat Mate 360W Microchip Cat Flap

The Cat Mate 360w Microchip Pet Flap is another great budget microchip pet flap candidate. Like its SureFlap counterpart (above), it’s an intended basic model that comes in at a lower price but does all you need to do.

The 4-way lock system allows you to control the access of your cat to the flap, which is useful when you may not want your cat heading out (for example, during thunderstorms or when fireworks are set off nearby). Combining manual control and automation offers you peace of mind that your cat has the independence it wants, plus you can be confident it’s secure.

Compatible with all microchips, this model is suitable for all cat owners and you can buy a Cat Mate ID Disc that can be attached to your cats collar for those not having their cat chipped.

This model operates on 4 x AA batteries, with an estimated lifetime of about a year.

The brush sealed flap with magnetic closing ensures the cat flap is protected and draught-proof, so your home maintains its heat (which I’m sure you and your cat can enjoy, please!).

3. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub Bundle

Now we’re joining the first microchip cat flaps league. Like I said earlier, when it comes to cat flaps, SureFlap is a fantastic brand – the most simple one we looked at above. However, this one is at the other end of the spectrum and comes with all bells and whistles from your cat flap.

But let’s start with the apparent drawback – more functionality implies a higher expense, and this model enters nearly three times the basic model. It’s still fairly inexpensive for what you get, but the higher price can offset certain pet owners.

But the features of this cat flap are fantastic …

The cat flap comes with a “hub” that’s just a little package linking the cat flap to your home wifi. From there, you can use the mobile software to monitor cat flap settings.

For eg, you can use the software to determine which of your feline friends can leave the house and which can’t. This is perfect whether you have a baby kitten or a pet just back from the vet or feels sick. You should also allow the other cats out but hold more needy cats inside.

The app sends updates when each cat exits or joins the building. Of course, you don’t need to track your cat’s behaviour continuously (let’s face it, you’ll actually first!) and you can customize various settings with each cat. With time, you gain a deep insight into your cat’s actions and a deeper understanding of how they live.

Like other ones, this one works on 4xAA batteries. The more sophisticated features mean the total battery lifespan is only 6 months (compared to 12 for more generic models), but you get a tonne in exchange for that trade-off.

4. PetSafe Petporte Microchip Cat Door

Petporte Smart Flap Cat Door is another great PetSafe type. In terms of price and specifications, it’s in the mid-market category, so it’s ideal for consumers who are searching for a few more choices but don’t want to go for the more technical luxury model.

Unlike the more simple microchip cat flaps, the Petporte has more sophisticated functionality. The programmable timer, for example , helps you to customise when your cat can get in and out of the house and this can be set for up to 25 separate cats. The cat flap comes with a “vet mode” setting to enable only house access – this means your cats remain in when you need them.

Another positive feature is “night mode.” The cat flap comes with a light sensor which can be programmed to close the flap at night and then unlock at dusk. This is perfect for pet owners worrying about their pet going out at night and allowing you the peace of mind they’re protected at home.

Unlike other versions, Petporte is powered instead of batteries.

5. Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap with Timer Control

The Pet Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap is another higher quality option, comes in at a price close to the SureFlap with Hub, but certainly one for cat owners who choose to pay a little extra on their cat flap.

Unlike the other versions covered in this guide, this one has an LCD screen displaying when the cat flap was last used and which cat. This will support cats owners who want to cover! How many days did you have to sprint around the house late for work whilst playing an inconvenient game with your feline friend? Through this cat flap, you’ll know whether your cat’s home or not.

It comes with timer control to allow you to monitor when your cats will come and go. Again, this functionality might not be helpful to all pet owners, but it’s certainly a worthwhile addition to your cat flap for those worried with their cat getting out at such hours.

It has all the standard features of most cat flaps – 4 way locks to manually control the cat flap and operates on 4 x AA batteries with a lifetime of around 12 months.


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