TMC Candidate From The Film World Says Mamata Banerjees Charismatic Personality Is Responsible For Win | फिल्म जगत के TMC प्रत्याशियों ने कहा

Kolkata: In the West Bengal elections, the ‘performance charismatic people’ of the party contesting on the ticket of the Trinamool Congress experienced the ‘charismatic people of Mumtaz’ at the time the elections were held in its favor, as decided by the ruling party. Request Request that political representatives not attack.

Trinamool K’s Congress-winning heroic brigade includes director Raj Chakraborty, actor Kanchan Malik, Soham Chakraborty, Juni Maliha and Lavi Mitro. Elections on the President’s ticket include elections held by Laddin-loving officials, Rudranil Ghosh, Parno Mitra, Shravanti Chatraji, Payal Sarkar, Tanushree Chakraborty and Yash Dasgupta Trinamool Congress.

The hacker elections of the Pradeep government of the Hiran Chatterjee Trinamool Congress are taking place in every youthful sea before these years. Has won a period of 213 seats.

‘That victory is a testament to Mamati’s hard work and her magic’
Writing on social media, Raj Chakraborty, director of election performance from Barrackpore, said, “It is the hard work of the elected Mamata and her magical credentials. It is the winner of the Bengali election, it is an event of Bengali culture and it is about the love of the people of Bengal. ‘

Films became the heart choices of the people handled by technology and their brawls by Ansonsol Saini Ghosh posted, ‘Any strong woman has created herself in a single world, which is potential for some. …. …. Didi … O Didi … Joy Bangla … Mamat ka magic works. ‘

णमणूल. K haath ke chunab haath …. haath haath ke .. K ke haath haath haath haath .. haath. Hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand ….. hand ……………., …,. ,, .. ,, win …. win win. .. win … win win … win win ………………. I hope that the old pattern of Trinamool Congress will change and let it work independently. He said, “We want a complete cessation of gun violence and harassment.” Now and not corruption. ‘

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