UN team in India helping authorities to address Covid-19 and misinformation, says top official | India News

United Nations: A UN team in India is supporting authorities in tackling the Kovid-1p epidemic, including fighting misinformation, said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
A UN team in India is working to promote the Secretary-General’s ‘verified’ campaign, launched last year to deliver reliable information and life, Secretary-General’s spokesman Stephen Dujarric told reporters at a daily press briefing on Monday. Savings advice amid the Covid-19 epidemic.
Launched in May last year, the ‘Verified’ initiative aims to promote and share tested and science-based content and fact-based advice.
Dujarric said the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in India continues to help with the national vaccination strategy.
“The agency is translating messages into many languages ​​and is working with communities in 1 states,” he said, adding that the “campaign for mythology” and others has reached more than 2.5 million people in both rural and urban areas. . About 650,000 front line workers have been trained to promote key messages on vaccines.
The UN team is working with community radio stations across the country to reach more than 17 million people in rural areas on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the importance of vaccines, he said.
Last week, UNICEF said it had sent a complex supply of 1,000,000 oxygen concentrators, diagnostic tests, medical kits and other equipment to India.
UNICEF is helping to procure and install 25 oxygen plants for hospitals in the Northeast and Maharashtra, as well as installing thermal scanners at entry ports across the country.
UNICEF and partners are supporting the Government of India in accelerating the national vaccine rollout to reach all population groups equally, the UN agency said in a statement.
It is also helping the Government of India ensure that critical services for the most vulnerable children can continue to function, as well as help more than 12 million children in 17 states to continue learning at home.
Since the onset of the epidemic, it has been working with Indian partners to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, and is sharing information on how to protect more than 660 million people from coronavirus, UNICEF said.
“UNICEF has consistently worked to combat misinformation and promote Covid-19 appropriate behaviors, including wearing masks, body spacing, and handwashing.”
The agency said it needed 21 21 million for the immediate delivery of additional testing equipment, supplies and oxygen products to India, and more than 50 50 million for the Covid-19 intervention across the region.

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