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Will Smith’s Latest Post Is As Real As It Gets

Will Smith shared this photo. (Image courtesy: Will Smith)


  • Will Smith posted a picture of himself on Instagram
  • She can be seen in the photo wearing black shorts and a blue unzipped hoodie
  • He wrote in a real question, “I am really sensible.”

New Delhi: Attention people! Will Smith has got something to admit about his body – it’s “in the worst form of his life.” In his recent post on Instagram, the 52-year-old actor, very honestly, showed that he got this extra kilo amid the coronavirus epidemic, but he doesn’t hesitate to reveal it. Will Smith took a photo of himself wearing tight black shorts and a blue unzipped hoodie with his stomach and chest exposed. “I’m a real savvy person,” he wrote in a statement, adding: “I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

In the comments, friends and fans of the actor applauded him for his brutally honest photos. “You’re a real one for this,” commented YouTuber Casey Nystat when he wrote to musician Ahmir Khalib Thompson: “This is the most compelling post in the history of social media.” British singer-songwriter Sonna Raleigh commented: “You’re Will Smith! You can be in whatever shape you want.”

Celebs like King Bach, Joel Kinnaman and singer Harry Hudson put a lot of laughter in the comments section.

Check out Will Smith’s post here:

Will Smith’s Instagram feed is the best source of laughter if your day goes bad. Mostly, he shares ROFL pictures and videos created by his fans. Like this:

Will is the star of movies like Smith Ali, The Pursuit Happy f Happiness, Man in Black Series and Bad boys Movies and popular television series Bell – Er’s new kunwar.

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