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Apk Name Youku app download
Edition 10.0.23
Size 96MB
The developer Yuku
categories APPS
model Yes
Android is required 5.5 and above

What is Youku App Download?

In the opening segment of “Street Dance of China S5”, “Youth Training Camp”, four captains will select the top group of young street dancers who will carry the future of the genre.

About the Youku app

Interminable Samsar Uku offers dubbed and subtitled content in various languages. Yang Zhi and Cheng Yi are the main characters of this tragic love story. Will their story end happily when the lotus blossoms?
S2 Nanbei couple from “Plot Love” fall in love after getting married. Watch how a tyrant treats his quickly jealous beautiful wife.
Here are several unexpected conversations from “off the court.” Has the culprit come forward or has a dead person come back to life? Which is more important, emotions or law? A well loved show is now on YOUKU!

The Narrative of Xing Fu: Director Zheng Xiaolong, screenwriter Zhao Dongling and actress Zhao Liying examine contemporary issues in this heavyweight series. You will learn about rural redevelopment and women empowerment through a never-ending stream of interesting cases.

“To Have Bravery” is an enchanting love story between a destitute princess and her silent protector, a dark knight.
The teenagers travel and interact on the reality show “Twinkle Love S2”. In the second season, Graduation Trip brings together 20-year-old graduates from different backgrounds and personalities. They will showcase the attitude and enthusiasm of Generation Z on this trip. Alumni Jin Chen, Li Zhiqan, Su Xiaotong, Jam Xiao, and host Da Zhuo will discuss hot topics, share their own experiences, and watch and experience the journey, socialization, and maturation of these spirited teenagers.

You can take a break from it all, as long as you want, with the help of “Master of My Own”! Only on YOUKU!
The YOUKU Thriller TV series “Be Reborn” will premiere in 2022! Together, Zhang Yi and Wang Junkai use a fascinating and confusing technique to solve cold cases. Only on YOUKU.

“Doctor Qin, Medical Examiner: The Mind Reader” In order to learn the truth about his mother’s murder, Qin Ming, a medical examiner, researches cases and speaks for the deceased.

In Orange Orchard, A Robot tells a series of funny and uplifting love stories between Yang Shanshan (Sun Qian), a kind-hearted female inventor who has become a robot, and Lu Sen (Liang Jingkang)—a tech company that is cold and strict on the outside but Soft inside. These stories take place against the backdrop of the rapid development of the information society.
Love in the Fury of War The son of a famous general, Xiao Bechen, falls in love at first sight with a needy young woman, Lin Hengjing, in the early years of the Republic of China. After many twists and turns, he emerges as a young, promising general in the war of love. Every day at 10:00 PM, only on YOUKU!

The female crew dance competition is the focus of the YOUKU-only variety show “Great Dance Crew”. Many female dancers get together, whether they are professional dancers, dance enthusiasts or dance students, in the hope that a crew will eventually be established. He shares stories of team members managing dance crews, creating and performing original dances.

I want to take things slowly in love, “so in love.” The first variety show on YOUKU on first love is called SO in LOVE. Come and share the beauty of first love with our visitors who are newly in love.
On YOUKU, “Why Women Love” debuts on February 8 at 8 PM. Join the love lessons taught by Jin Chen and Wang Ziyi to open the door to sincere love.

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